About us

MFIT Group is a capital group specialized mainly in information technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

MoreFromIT software house

It is a software house that specializes in the creation of websites, mobile and web apps on systems like Android or iOS. In MoreFromIT works not only IT specialists but also UX designers who watch over every project.

Interacto VR&AR Solutions

It’s a company that deals with the creation of VR and AR solutions for business. Industrial simulators and training can facilitate work in your company. What's more, your offer for clients can be enriched with product visualizations or educational applications, all in VR & AR technology.

CoinDeal.com exchange platform

It’s a quick and safe online cryptocurrency exchange platform with 24/7 support for the whole community. Deciding to use this portal you gain access to the real-time trading of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs and FIAT currencies.

RealityBusters VR&AR Games

This is a company that is in a sense an Interacto brother. In RealityBusters, a team of game lovers is creating games for VR and AR technology. Do you want to feel like crane operator? No problem with RealityBusters!

AnimacjeReklamowe animated advertising

Animated videos are more popular day by day. If you would want to enrich your marketing activities by animated advertisement, you should contact AnimacjeReklamowe. The team will not only advise you but also support you with the most creative ideas.

SkyCommerce marketing company

A company full of marketing brains and skills. If you need a copywriter or SEO specialist - contact SkyCommerce. The team will also provide you an adjusted marketing strategy for your business.

BitcoinAPI cryptocurrency payments

A service, thanks to which you can start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies in your online shop. Your customers will not only be satisfied with that possibility but also you will build the image of your company as modern and keeping up with technological development.

BuyCoinNow cryptocurrency vendor

It’s a cryptocurrency exchange service. If you need to buy Bitcoin, this is the right place for you. You don’t even need to calculate the fee because it is already included in the price.

Verified Solutions cryptocurrency&blockchain

It is a software house specialized in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. If you want to organize ICO - Initial Coin Offering or create a service based on blockchain - contact VerifiedSolutions’ team.

Sendingo marketing&communication

if you want to quickly inform your clients about an offer or sale, use email marketing. Sendingo will not only help you to send your offers or information but also will create content for you.

Blockchain24 cryptocurrency news&analysis

That is information portal full of cryptocurrency news and tips. The team of journalists offers not only the hottest news but also professional analyses of exchange price’s movement.

K1 Venture Capital capital

if you have a good idea to start a business but you also need capital, K1 Venture Capital can help you. We offer not only mentoring but also we will help you to design and prototype your ideas.

"A synergry and trust are what makes every project and business successful."